5 Tips On Understanding How Toddlers Work

Toddlers can be a ton of fun, and a lot of work. It is easier to deal with toddlers, if you understand how they work.

1. Patience Is Not A Virtue
You may not know how to be patient with a toddler, and they feel the same for you. The difference is, they are two. You are not. They are still learning. It is hard for him to control himself, and they have no fear. Therefore, jumping off couches and tables, just seems like a lot of fun.

2. His Memory Isn’t That Great
He can?t really speak in full sentences, he certainly can?t read, therefore you have to repeat yourself to make him hear you. Do not yell either. That only teaches the child that it is okay to yell and be yelled,

3. He Wants It Now
He?s still a baby and babies whine. When he sees something, he wants, it and he goes after it. He doesn?t matter if he has to throw a fit or fling a toy. And if doing either of those things merits a rewards, naturally he thinks that?s how you get things.

4. Impulse
If he wants to run into the street for the ball, he is not aware of the dangers, no matter how many times you tell him, because he is still a toddler. That is why you have to watch toddlers like hawks!

5. Choices Are Bad
He does not understand choices that is why you don?t give him any. He does not know what either is. You cannot reason with him, He constantly contradicts himself, because he isn?t quite sure what he wants. Taking away a toy and sharing makes him think it is gone forever, that is why you have to distract him and give him another toy.

He wants your love more than anything, all the time, for more hours than there are in the day. Because this is not possible, you need to know how to adjust to nurture him and make things easier for you. It might take time, but having a better understanding of how a toddler?s mind works might make it easier for you when he has a meltdown. The best thing to do, is to stay calm and assess the situation. You will be able to get through it and see his little smiling face.

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How to Create a Perfect Halloween Party

halloween-costumeHalloween is a great time for parties, whether for adults, teens, or children. You can throw a party that includes all ages, or you can make it more age-specific. No matter how you celebrate Halloween, it’s helpful to have some ideas on how to plan the perfect Halloween party. Here are some suggestions and ideas.

1. Themes

A good place to start in your planning is to decide on a theme for your party. Of course it’s a Halloween theme, but that’s a bit general. Coming up with a unique theme makes your party fun and special, and helps you decide on specifics like food and decorations. Try some of these themes on for size.

* Edgar Allen Poe – Pay tribute to one of literature’s greatest writers of horror. Choose some of his more famous and chilling works, such as “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” and “The Raven” and look to them for inspiration. Decorate with Poe-era items that denote his craft, such as an old typewriter or dip pens and ink wells.

* Alfred Hitchcock – While we’re on the topic of famous “scary” individuals, why not include Hitchcock? Look to his movies and books for decoration ideas (lots of birds!). You can include one of his movies as part of the party, too.

* Cartoon costumes – For kids, why not have a party where everyone comes dressed as his or her favorite cartoon character? You could serve food that corresponds with popular ‘toons, like “Krabby Patties” for SpongeBob and “Smurfberries” for Smurf characters.

* Haunted places – Decorate your house like an old, haunted castle and show episodes of ghost-themed reality shows. The haunted house theme could be funny (think “Ghostbusters”) or more haunting (think The Tower of London).

* Historical era – Choose your favorite historical era and build a party around it! Eighteenth-century England, the Middle Ages, the 1980s and everything in between can all be great party themes.

2. Invitations

Now that you have come up with your theme, design your invitations accordingly. Hitchcock- or Poe-themed parties could have invitations with a symbol of the person or one of his works on the invitation (Hitchcock’s profile, for instance, or Poe’s raven). Cartoon character invitations are easy to make or find. A haunted places theme could feature castle-shaped invitations cut from black card stock with silver or grey gel pen writing (or printer ink).

3. Games

Plan some fun games for everyone at your Halloween party. Why not have a pumpkin carving/decorating contest or bob for apples?

4. More Tips

Here are just a few more general tips for planning the perfect Halloween party.

* Give guests favors
* Make sure you have plenty of food and drinks
* Take lots of pictures!
* Make sure children’s parties have enough adults to supervise

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No Longer a Kid, Not Yet a Teen

How does a parent deal with the in-between stages of a preteen? This is a complex issue, and one which parents of all preteens are facing today. While a parent may refer to their kid as “my baby,” it is necessary to come to the realization your baby is no longer a kid, not yet a teen – for both your sakes.

The period of transition between children and teens is a difficult one. As their personality changes, they may no longer come to you because their individuality is beginning to emerge. With individuality comes the feeling they can figure things out on their own. As part of the change, you may find them becoming more restless, accompanied by moodiness and unsure of what they are doing at any given time.

They may exhibit signs of peer pressure which only aggravates their existing feelings of inadequacy or conflict within. They may suddenly dress differently in order to conform to the dictates of the group they most associate with. Their rooms, which were once clean and neat, may become strewn with clothing, scattered everywhere. This is typical of the problems preteens face as they try to find where they belong in the scheme of things.

The best thing you as a parent can do is talk to your kids. Keep the lines of communication open. Don’t berate them or try to control them; they will resist. Find a middle ground wherein you can talk openly with them, and assure them that you went through a similar stage when you were their age. Don’t preach, but listen to what they are saying and how they are saying it.

Oftentimes, they may not be able to articulate what they are feeling. Give them time and they will eventually come to you for advice or help. Love them in spite of their actions, and remember they are going through an ordeal which they can neither explain nor comprehend.

When your child is no longer a kid, not yet a teen, there will be trials and tribulations along the way. As long as you are there for them as their safety net, and allow them to find their way knowing you are there to catch them if they fall, the process will be easier to bear for them as well as you.

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