How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

All good parents are well-aware of the many struggles their children may face as they grow older. It’s important to take time when they are young to foster a strong, bonded, trusting relationship with your children, so that a strong foundation is already laid by the time they reach an age where they may experience significant peer pressure or be faced with tough decisions. A loving, listening parent is an important figure in a child’s life, but it’s also important to have strong boundaries of appropriate behavior and explain to your children why these boundaries are in place. Here are a few tips for talking to your children about drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse.

Explain to Your Kids What Drugs and Alcohol Are

Even if you are not a family that drinks much or discusses drugs, it’s important to create a safe space, where your child feels comfortable asking questions and sharing their experiences. The stronger trust you can build, the more likely your child will come to you with questions instead of seeking out answers from others who may give your child incomplete information. Help your child understand what drugs and alcohol are, why people use them, and how they can tell the difference between recreational use and abuse. Though Advanced Health and Education is a rehabilitation center for adults, their website has a lot of good information about addiction. You could even look at the website with your child and discuss what you find.

Explain the Recovery Process

Sadly, many kids are unaware of the recovery process that individuals have to go through when they become addicted. They are also unaware of some of the consequences individuals go through when they become addicted, such as loss of friends, loss of jobs, family discord, and homelessness. NJ drug treatment centers see people every day who have experienced all of these. Small children may need to mature a little before they understand some of these consequences, but older children may benefit from an honest discussion on what can happen if substance abuse goes untreated. Share with them the steps of recovery process as followed in New Jersey addiction treatment centers.

Help Them Use Their Words

The Just Say No campaign was excellent for awareness in the 1980s, but today’s child may need more than “no” in order to set boundaries with friends. Empower your child to share honestly with their friends why they don’t want to take drugs or drink until they’re old enough. Sit down with your child and help them think through the reasons they might say no to substances. Then help them craft some simple but honest responses to their friends.


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E Cigarettes: What’s the Big Deal?

I’m not a smoker. In fact, though never diagnosed, I’ve always considered myself a bit allergic to second-hand smoke, because of one fun evening in a dive bar when smokers could still publicly light up. I spent about four hours in second-hand smoke and woke up the next day with puffy red eyes and a cough that lasted a few days. However, I have always enjoyed a good social smoke. It’s a great taste to enhance the experience of a social gathering, as well as a great way to kick back and converse with other smokers. I’d all but given up social smoking because of my physical reaction after spending time in the dive bar, and then I discovered electronic cigarettes


What They Are

They sound kind of weird, like they’re from the future or product placement on a Star Trek episode. E cigs, however, are a great little device that have a great market in our current time and place. They offer the taste, experience, and buzz of smoking without the mess, smell, and expense. Electronic cigarettes are made up of a vaporizer pen that is reusable and rechargeable. The pen looks and feels like a normal cigarette, thus evoking the same feeling or oral fixation a person has with the act of smoking. This pen can be filled with different cartridges ranging from traditional nicotine to flavored mists. Check out to see their options.

Why I Like Them

E cigarettes have been a great alternative for me, because the second-hand smoke doesn’t bother me anymore. They’re great for parties, because you can bring a variety of cartridges or even disposable e cigs, so others can try them as well. They’re a great conversation starter, and unlike traditional cigarettes, the smell won’t end your conversation right after it begins. For a social smoker like me, they allow me to stay indoors or in circles of friends who don’t typically step outside for a smoke, so I can continue a conversation but enjoy a social smoke as well.

They’re easy to use and try, and I’d recommend everyone at least give them a chance. They may replace traditional smoking for a lot of people and help keep social gatherings truly social.

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Mother’s Day Gifts That She’ll Cherish

Mother's Day Sunday May 11thMother’s Day: Sunday May 11th 2014

Mother’s day is a day dedicated to all the mothers across the world and their selfless love. This is an opportunity when you can tell you mom how much you love her and thank her for all her love and support. There are various kinds of mother’s day gifts available in the shops. You may get one of them for your mom. But, how about gifting her something really special this year, which she will cherish throughout her life?

Instead of buying the usual stuff, get something really unusual for your mom. You can add a personal touch to these gifts. The personal touch makes the gifts more interesting and special. It would also provide a distinctive feeling to your mom, and express your love in a special way. In this article, we will discuss about some of the common personalized gift ideas that you can use to make your mom feel delighted.

Generally, it is noted that most moms are coffee or tea lovers. This can be one of the best gifts that you can give to your mom. Get a personalized coffee or tea mug for your mother, with her name printed on it. She will just love to use it all the time and will cherish this gift for ever. You can also get some phrases imprinted on the wall of the mug along with your mother’s name. You can decide this depending upon the budget of the gift.

Apart from the coffee, tea mugs, another good idea for gifting personalized or cherished gifts is giving her a bracelet. You can either go for the metallic ones that come cheap, or buy the costlier ones made of gold and silver. You can also get a nice pen for your mother, with her name engraved on it.

Think about what your mom likes best, her likes and dislikes. You can base your gift depending on this and make the day really special for her.

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