A 15 Point Checklist for More Profitable Product Pages

The product pages of your website are your showroom and they must be displayed properly to achieve maximum results. This does not mean that all product pages should look alike. There are many ways to be creative yet effective.

Many of us focus our attention on our homepage (which is also important) and then just paste up a cookie cutter product page. Taking the time to plan and strategize your product pages is also essential. Cart abandonment is a serious issue for online business owners but there are ways to decrease your abandonment stats.

As we go from website to website, we do not want to see clone product pages but there are aspects that should be included in all product pages. Below is a checklist for some of these important elements that will help your product page be more profitable.

1. Product Description – Do not try to write a one size fits all product description. Focus on your targeted buyer and write to them personally. Be sure to include all the benefits the product provides. Try to avoid clone phrases such as best deal in town or superior quality. Your prospect will tend to blur over these types of statements.

2. Product Image – Your product image will be what draws the customer in. You want to make sure the product details are clearly visible. The image needs to be clear and sharp. A good image will make the product come alive and bring out more of a reaction from your prospect. Using different angle shots of the product can be effective as well.

3. Call to Action – Be sure your call to action button is vivid and clearly placed on the page. Once your image and description do their job, you want the buy button to be right there so the customer clicks it when they are in the buying mood. Be sure to make the button stand out from the rest of the page. Do not let it sink into the background
or melt into the rest of the page.

4. Ordering Process – Once your prospect decides to buy your product you want to give them an easy painless ordering process. The first step of the process is the key and it is also where many prospects abandon the purchase. You want to gather pertinent information from your customer but do not ask them for their life story. I have abandoned many purchases because of the long time-consuming forms to be filled out. You want your ordering process to be as few clicks as possible but you also want to assure your customer that the process is secure. Do not require your customer to register with you. About a third of the orders being processed are ended for just this reason.

5. Social Media – By adding your social media buttons to your product pages you are allowing people to share your products with their friends and followers. This can substantially increase your conversions. Make sure your social buttons are not too intrusive. Make them highly visible but not obnoxious.

6. Shipping Information – One of my pet peeves when ordering online is not finding any shipping information. Always provide clear information on the shipping terms and costs for your customers. Do not make them wait until the end of the ordering process to find out what they will be paying for shipping. Be upfront and concise on all shipping fees. Shipping fees are the number one cause of cart abandonment so being upfront and letting your prospect know exactly
what they will be paying will bring this number down.

7. Size Chart – If you are selling products that require sizes be as descriptive as possible about what the sizes are and how they fit. Size charts are a great way to do this. Clothes of the same size can fit differently so let your prospects know how your sizes run.

8. No Distractions – Keep your product page as free of clutter as you can. You want the page to showcase the product and call to action, not a bunch of ads from other websites or companies. Do not have flashing banners or distracting images or videos (unless it is a video of the

9. Customer Reviews – When I go shopping online I now expect to see reviews. This has become a staple part of the online shopping experience. Be sure to add customer reviews to your product page. Do not leave out negative reviews. Adding the negative reviews will add to the trust your prospect feels for your company.

10. Subscription Option – Adding a subscription form or box to your product page is an excellent choice. If people decide to buy from you, chances are they will sign up for your mailings. Or, if they are not sure on the purchase, they may subscribe and then purchase down the road a bit. Either way it is a win!

11. Needed Instructions – If the product needs special instructions or information on how to use or its purpose, be sure to provide all the details needed in a clear, easy to understand way. If people are confused about a product, they will not purchase it so make sure they have all the information needed to make the decision to buy.

12. Simplicity – Keep your product pages simple yet professional. The page must focus on the product. Do not add any distracting backgrounds or textures. You want the customer’s eye to go directly to the product and the information. Keep the design consistent. Use an easy to read font. Fancy fonts have their place but not on a product page. Make the product page and entire ordering process simple. You do not want your customers think they need to be a rocket scientist to order from you.

13. Additional Product Options – Many sites have a feature where they showcase similar products. If you do not exactly like the one you are viewing, other options show up for you to look at. This is a wonderful feature that can help keep your prospect shopping on your site instead of going to another.

14. Problem Solution – Let the customer know how your product will solve their problem. Convince the prospect that they need your product to be their solution. If a person does not understand what your product can do for them it will not result in a sale.

15. A Little Humor – Most people will appreciate a little fun humor. But be careful to keep it appropriate. Adding a little humor makes the experience more human and this develops trust. Subtle humor can do wonders but beware of using too much humor or offensive humor.

*Bonus Tip: Always have your contact information available. If the customer has a question or concern and has to hunt for your email or phone number, they will go somewhere else.

Take the time needed to produce the most mind-blowing and stand-out product pages possible. The time and effort will not be in vain and you will become more successful.

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Online Bingo among my favorite pastimes

Once all the hustle and bustle of going to work or sending off kids to school in the morning is over, what next?

Well, why not try your luck and maybe you could be the one hitting a jackpot? Online bingo is a very dicey game. Sometimes, it could be in your favor and at times completely against you. I have been a bingo fan for more than five years now and there’s nothing like it.

Initially, I dint know what all the hype about the game was until a good friend of mine, a mother herself introduced me to it. We were both hooked onto it in no time. What I loved the most about online bingo is the fact that you can socialize with people from around the world.

I no longer felt lonely at home. Anytime I need someone to talk to, all I need to do is log in to my best bingo website currently which is GameVillage Bingo. I like this site in particular for all the interesting promotions they come up with every month and their amazing loyalty schemes.

With the loyalty points that I have been earning, I have managed to win some really big prizes including a halogen oven. The site really thinks of it all, and their 24/7 customer support system is quite efficient. I have been with the site for over a year now, and know quite a few players who are also equally as active.

The site has a close community feel and has an extremely user friendly interface that is easy to navigate through. Like the name suggests, the site is based on a village theme and has a village explorer named Wally, who is also a good friend of mine

Now, Wally just doesn’t just tell you about all the latest offers but also conducts some really interesting chat room games that we all love and look forward to. So, come join GameVillage Bingo today and Wally is sure to entertain you with all the tricks he has up his sleeve.

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Regaining Your Independence with Mobility Aids


There are many challenges that we will face in life, from going to school to employment, and even working through our relationships. However, there is one thing that should never be a challenge for anyone, and that is their mobility. To be stripped of that independence can be earth shattering, and it can certainly feel like the ground was ripped out from under you. However, the human spirit is resilient, and we can do anything that we put our minds to. Inside of us all, there is a fight, one that we have to tap into when times are exceptionally rough. We can regain our independence again.

Put Your Mind To It
The very first step in recovery is to have a positive attitude that things will get better. You just have to believe that it will. Sure, we may have to do things a bit differently this time around, but that’s okay! If you have to use mobility aids like an electric scooter or a wheelchair ramp that isn’t something to be ashamed of! If anything, it is something to be proud of because you are pushing yourself and are still living the life that you want, despite the challenges that you have faced. You are persevering in the face of adversity. By keeping that positive attitude, you’ll soon find yourself doing new things that you never thought you could do before!

Do New Things Each Day
For anyone, doing the same repetitive tasks each and every day can be tiring and get old quickly. We have to learn to challenge our bodies, as well as our minds. We need to keep ourselves busy because that is just human nature. By giving ourselves something new to do each day, we are essentially testing ourselves and finding our comfort levels, which are very important. Pride Mobility makes it easy to live the life that you want to with their diverse array of mobility products. Don’t put off that vacation that you’ve been wanting to take! With a travel chair, you can still do all of the things that you want to do! Your quality of life doesn’t have to diminish. You can not only live, but you can thrive! Now that is the true meaning of living an independent life.

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