Starting a Small Business: Tips Savvy Moms Need to Know

small businessMany of us have that everlasting dream of starting a small business with a great idea. Starting a small business can be complicated, especially when you’re a single mom, juggling kids, work, home life, and whatever social life you can get. It may be difficult to imagine quitting full-time work in order to pursue a dream, but if the dream is one that will increase your income long-term, it may be a dream worth pursuing. Here are a few things to consider if starting a small business seems like an impossible dream.



Small business grants may be available through your state for single moms. Free money is a pretty serious incentive, so take the time to see if your state offers these grants. You owe it to yourself and to your idea. A grant may allow you to quit your full-time job until your business is profitable. Remember, grants aren’t like loans – you don’t have to pay them back – so it’s in your best interest to come up with an idea that will greatly benefit the community or bring additional revenue into your city. Making your idea a reality may come more easily than you realize.


Hire Well

When you come to the point of starting your small business, eventually you’ll probably need to hire some staff. Employee turnover can quickly sap a business’s profits, and you don’t want to go through the stress of firing someone. Take your time to select good people, and thoroughly check their references. Monster has a great list of attributes to look for when hiring a new employee. Even when you’re first starting out, keep a list in mind of your dream team, including what types of personalities, strengths, and charisma would best match the work that needs to be done as your business grows.


Hire Contractors

You’ll be able to do many tasks yourself with a little ingenuity and research, but when it comes to your brand and face to the world, it’s important to get it done right. If you’re not a marketer and don’t have much experience with design and branding, it’s important to invest some money into having this done well. Doing it badly may damage your brand in front of the very people you want to notice you. Decide where you’re willing to spend, and spend wisely.

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Jogging Through Summer with Trendy Jogger Pants

jogging Most teens like to switch up their look and stick with the trends, and this summer a new trend has arrived: jogger sweatpants. These versatile pants look great with a tee-shirt for a relaxing night in, or they also work for a casual workout outside. Plus they come in a variety of patterns, making them all the more fun to wear during the summer. Here are some reasons why teens will love joggers and it’s not just because they’re the latest trend.

Joggers are Comfy and Casual

These pants are super comfy and casual for those lazy, yet fun summer days. Joggers also work for a variety of body shapes because they have an elastic waistband and drawstring. Teens can stay comfy in roomy pants that are still on-trend and look fantastic. Plus these jogger sweat pants are made of polyester making them very comfortable to lounge around in or to go for a quick run. These joggers also come with front pockets, making it easy to stick lip-gloss or a cell phone in the pockets when a teen is on the go.

Variety of Patterns

Patterns are fun and it just so happens that joggers come in a variety of fun and flirty patterns for the summer time. If a teen happens to love a chevron pattern they will love the mint/pink geo chevron jogger that’s bright, fun, and of course comes in chevron. If they’re headed out on a date or hanging with girlfriends these joggers will add a pop of personality to their every day ensemble.

Keep Them Long or Roll Them Up

Joggers are also ideal for all types of weather, and a teen can roll them up or down accordingly. If a teen is lounging at a summer cabin they can keep their joggers long to stay either indoors or outdoors when it’s cool outside. Is a warmer summer day approaching? They can roll the pants up to keep cool and in style simultaneously.

Bike Ride with Friends

These fun pants seem like the perfect attire to wear while going on a bike ride with friends. They’re not only super comfy but they’ll keep teens cool and relaxed while going on a leisurely bike ride. Head to the beach or ride to a friend’s house in stylish joggers. Everyone will be wondering why they don’t have a pair of these trendy pants that every teen adores.

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Beach Day for Two: Romance and Adventure Awaits You

Everyone needs a getaway, especially a husband and a wife. If you’ve been meaning to take your significant other to a beach if you live near the ocean or go on vacation where the beach is calling out your name, the summer is the perfect time to make this happen. When you’re at the beach you can enjoy one another’s company, read a good book, and go swimming in the ocean if you so desire. Don’t forget that you can also arrive at the sea wearing perfect beach attire, such as reef sandals and cover-ups that will prevent you from becoming burnt! Also you will look stylish while protecting your skin.


Take a Dip in the Ocean


While you’re at the beach take a dip in the water, but only if the surf isn’t too strong. If the waves look too big don’t get knocked over by one and be sure you both know how to swim. Even if you do it’s always a good idea to go for a swim in a pool before you head for the rough waves. Once near the sea it’s much easier than you think to get wiped out by a wave, especially if you have your back facing the ocean.


While walking by the beach if the sand is too hot and is burning your feet bring along guys leather sandals and thong flip flops for the trip. They will protect your feet and you can also wear the flip flops in and around the ocean because they’re made specifically to support your feet while at the beach.


Take a Stroll on the Beach


The entire purpose of vacationing at a beach is taking romantic strolls and relaxing together. Put on your thong flip flops and walk on the sand near the water. You can pick up sea shells and make wishes together. You can talk about your past memories and the memories to come. You can also hold hands and soak up the nature. After all this is your romantic vacation – make it your own and enjoy every moment of it but do remember to take care of yourself and wear sunscreen.


Always Wear Sunscreen


Many couples make the mistake and don’t wear sunscreen, because they’re so excited to get a tan at the beach! However, it’s not only important to provide sun protection on your skin with sunscreen, but in addition you should wear a hat and a shirt as long as you’re not in the water. This may seem a bit drastic, but due to the hot temps during the summer time and the fact that the sun reflects off of the water, you have a larger chance of getting sun burned. Getting sun burned more than a hand full of times can lead to skin cancer later in life. Do yourself a favor and take care of your skin. A sun tan can wait.

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